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Christmas Light Installation

Residential Holiday Light Installation

Christmas light installation packages starting at $500.00

During the holiday season, kids and adults are generally happier, kinder and in the holiday spirit. There is no better way to share your holiday spirit with neighbors and friends than to decorate your home in Christmas lights and décor.

At Integra Holiday Lighting, our residential holiday light installations services are performed at all types of homes from townhouses to estates and even home owner association communities. Every walkway, tree, driveway, porch, roofline and outdoor patio can be decorated with lights and decor to wow your guests, with a holiday display for everyone to see and enjoy.


Your home decorated with holiday lights can truly make the spirit of the holidays come to life. Just imagine a perfectly installed roofline with breath taking lights that are custom fit to your home.
From holiday light design to Christmas light installations and maintenance, Integra Holiday Lighting offers a turnkey service that allows you to enjoy the holiday season. No climbing ladders, no shopping for materials, no detangling lights, in other words, no more lighting hassles!

Relax while we hang the Christmas lights. Besides a hassle-free service, you can count on us to use all commercial grade lighting products and low voltage energy-efficient LED light bulbs


Do you already know exactly what you want or need ideas so Santa can find your home faster? We offer a variety of energy efficient LED holiday lighting options including our most popular C9 Christmas lights.  Whatever your winter wonderland vision is, the Integra Holiday Lighting team can make it happen this year and for years to come.

Whatever your winter wonderland is we will make it a reality, our holiday lighting professionals will assess your needs and collect all of the information we will need to make them a reality.  From beginning to end, we will work with you to ensure you get the holiday display you envisioned.


With Integra Holiday Lighting, we want you to have a hassle-free Christmas light display. So we take care of all the maintenance during the season. We not only install your chosen decor and  lights, we also remove the entire installation during the month of January.
 Maintenance and support is provided throughout the holiday season, so you can always count on a functioning light display. If something happens and you need assistance or a bulb goes out, all you need to do is fill out the support form on our website and we will send the service team to your home as quickly as possible.

Integra Holiday Lighting stores all of the holiday display for you each season. We provide storage containers that are labeled and properly stored during the off season to ensure long lasting service from the lights and other equipment.

enjoy the holidays and leave the lighting to us.

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